Sunday, May 9, 2010

State Large Group Contest

On Saturday I had State Large Group Contest at Linn-Marr High School. State Large Group Contest is a very important contest for the people of Eastern Iowa. High School bands come to perform and the judging is very difficult. Linn-Marr High School recently got a new auditorium and it is really nice. The way it is set up helps to exemplify our sound. I wasn’t really looking forward to dedicating part of my Saturday to this, but we ended up doing really well, and that was rewarding. Our director was really proud of the way we played.

For State Large Group, my band performed 2 different songs. The first song was called, Rollo Takes a Walk. It was a very unconventional song to play but at the same time really fun. It sounds weird at some parts because we are purposely playing notes that contradict each other. When you hear it, it makes you cringe at some parts because of the contrasting notes that aren’t usually played together. The song kind of makes fun of conventional music by going off the beaten path and making odd sounds. There is even a small section in the piece where we say, “Rollo, takes a walk,” to the tune of the notes we have been playing. For a small part of the song we even have a kazoo section. The second song we are playing is made up of three smaller songs, it is called, Greek Folk Song. I really like this music because it is so upbeat and festive. The second movement of the piece is really slow and every time I hear it, it moves me.

Now that it is coming to the end of the year we really don’t have many more band performances left. On Friday, we get to go to Des Moines to play at IBA, a prestigious flute convention. I am playing with a group of 11 other flutists and I think it will be nice to show off all the music we have been working on. Next Monday, we have our Band Banquet, where our awards are handed out. After that all we have left is Graduation, where we perform. Once summer starts though, we have to start up marching band again to prepare for the Hog Wild Days Parade which is in August. Overall, I’m really glad that this year is coming to an end because I am so ready for summer.

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